Saint Pius X School offers a challenging and innovative academic experience for students.

Outstanding faculty, a student-centered learning environment, and a rigorous curriculum come together to develop each child's skills, independence, and confidence.

The teachers of Saint Pius X School have mapped the curriculum as a team. The lower grade teachers focus on religion, reading and math. Mapping highlights the agreed upon learning, the content to be taught and student skills to be mastered at each grade level. The development of thinking skills is extremely important. In grades four through eight at Saint Pius X School, the teachers are hired according to their expertise in a commitment to academic excellence.

Saint Pius X is abreast of the latest technology and has a Smart Board in every classroom, an iPad for every child, and a Computer Lab for Computer Science. 

Our state of the art Science Lab provides students with opportunities to interact directly with natural phenomena, with data collected by using tools, materials, data collection techniques, and models.  This enables the students to design investigations, engage in scientific reasoning, manipulate equipment, record data, analyze results, and discuss their findings. These skills are an important part of the learning process of conducting experiments.

The Library is fully stocked with age appropriate books from Pre-K to 8.  The children in grades Pre-K through 5th have Library time worked into their schedule each week.  They are read a story and are provided time to browse our book selection.  By being allowed to check a book out and being entrusted to return it the next week, they are being taught the invaluable lesson of responsibility.

Saint Pius is the only school where the principal and teachers tell you they love you and they mean it. 
– Ben, 8th grade



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