Elementary School
Grades K-5

The children in grades K through 5 are given the ability to learn the basics, acquire study skills, and develop a love of learning.

Religion, Science, Social Studies, Math, Phonics, Reading, Spelling, Art, Music, Spanish, Technology, and Gym provide a well-rounded curriculum in which the children participate in a challenging, developmentally appropriate education. The individual needs of young learners are met through explicit instruction and differentiation of the individual student. The teachers supply students with hands-on instructional resources including virtual tools, kits, and workbooks.

The students receive their First Holy Communion in the second grade. They are provided with a comprehensive foundation of the Sacrament that they will bring with them throughout their lives.

Academic Resources


The Diocese of Paterson offers parents access to information and grades of your child(ren).

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Practice basic shapes, counting, comparing and more.


Spelling City

Game-base learning program for vocabulary, spelling, phonics, writing and language arts.

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I enjoy the closeness of the school as a whole. I have made some great friends as well as the kids. I've been a part of St. Pius for twelve years. I think my kids have and are getting a great education as well as learning to do for others. 
– Nina Amello, Parent