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Our Mission

Saint Pius X School is committed to the principle that each child is a special human being who deserves to be loved and respected as an individual. Our teachers and administration encourage students to reach their maximum potential — academically, socially, morally and spiritually.

Our Philosophy

We strive to nurture our students so that they may grow into fine human beings — who also happen to become some of the finest scholars, athletes, musicians, and artists in their age groups nationwide.While supporting the individual needs of our students, Saint Pius X School engages each child with a rigorous curriculum and high academic expectations. Our teaching philosophies challenge students to explore their innate gifts and to develop them, for the benefits of their community as well as to guarantee their own future success.

Our school is not built on rules but on a way of life. We teach our students fundamental human values that become the foundation for a happy life, long after graduation from Saint Pius X School.

As a teacher, I am grateful each day that Saint Pius X School considers not only the minds of our students but also the hearts of our students.  This true education gives every student an opportunity to find success and happiness. 
– Denise DiFilippo, 1st Grade Teacher



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