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Dear Parents and Families,

Welcome to Saint Pius X School

Pope Francis quoted "Dear young people, do not bury your talents, the gifts that God has given you! Do not be afraid to dream of great things!"

Here at Saint Pius X School we echo these sentiments in all that we do to provide your students with the most comprehensive and well-rounded Catholic education possible. Prominently displayed in the front entrance to our school, you will see written, "When you enter this school, you are loved first and taught second".

Along with Pope Francis' quote, these words combine to make the foundation of what we promote as a Catholic School. Challenging our students to dream big, to work diligently, to respect themselves and others, and to make the most of their God-given abilities are an integral part of the educational foundation that our faculty and staff promote daily. Being able to deliver this experience, while instilling our Catholic faith and values in a nurturing and caring environment, makes a Saint Pius X School education second to none.

Our program ranges from Pre-K through Grade 8 and provides a well-rounded education carries a child from their early formative years right through the middle school years, providing them the necessary skills and tools to advance successfully to high school. Students will be exposed to the core subject areas of Religion, Math, Science, English and Social Studies. These areas are supplemented with classes in Art, Music, Physical Education, and Technology. There are activities available to participate in including Basketball, Track, Theater, Choir, Yearbook, and the School Newspaper. It is this well-rounded curriculum that allows a Saint Pius X School student to leave our school with the knowledge and confidence they require to succeed at the next level.

Our dedicated teachers are well versed in their content areas and strive to educate each child as a whole. The faculty also works to recognize the individual strengths and weaknesses that each student has. These qualities provide our students with the personalized attention they need while being allowed to grow and develop into their own unique self.

Saint Pius X School is proud to provide these opportunities to all of our students, who come to us from 10 different communities throughout New Jersey. Our goal is to help them dream of and accomplish the "great things" throughout their time spent in our classrooms, as Pope Francis mentions. We welcome all of you to come and experience what the Saint Pius X experience uniquely offers your child.


John M. Galka M.Ed
I enjoy the closeness of the school as a whole. I have made some great friends as well as the kids. I've been a part of St. Pius for twelve years. I think my kids have and are getting a great education as well as learning to do for others. 
– Nina Amello, Parent


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